Saturday, February 12, 2011

Holy Canoli!

I'm writing this post with 10 minutes left on my computer battery at gate C28 in Logan Airport, awaiting my short flight back to DC.

What a whirlwind of a trip! I left Ben on Sunday, hours after he threw out his back and was more or less immobile. Some fiance I am, right? But alas, wedding duties called! I flew home to Western MA, where my mum and I finally got Save the Date magnets out. To most people.

We also decided on a menu with the caterers, and I'm pretty sure I came to conclusion that I don't want wedding cake, but rather a table full of locally made organic pies! With pretty signs and labels, and a banner that says Oh Me Oh My, Love That Country Pie (bob dylan).

And I worked a lot with my dad and went a little wacky with Valentine's Day orders. And then I went to Boston and danced with my best gal pals at Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge, where there were lots of awkward girls dancing like the Sims, to quote my friend, which I thought was hilarious. Not that I'm any better than they are! To the contrary!

Now I'm wearing an itchy sweater, I look disgusting, and I can't wait to be home and nap.

Down to 3 minutes. Will post more exciting things soon! 

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