Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sha Sha

Thanks for all of the support, friends! I sent the necessary documents and information to the company, so let's hope they take down those darn pictures! (See below post to understand what I'm talking about.)

Anyway, now we are watching Watson on Jeopardy. What fun! I saw Alex Trebeck on Regis. What a hoot. Many I love Regis.

And I think Top Model starts tonight???? Maybe I'll start writing adorable and hilarious recaps of the show. Or at least I'll think I'm adorable and hilarious.

Oooh, what else. I still haven't broken my clothing fast!! Happy?

I'm in a super crafty mode but have SO much to dooooooooo. Tomorrow morning I'm off to the Paper Source super early...even though I can probably get what I need for cheaper and for closer at Staples...hmmmmm. Interesting.

2 hours later....

Ok. Back to American Idol and eating a sleeve of thin mints by myself.

don't be juding, now.

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