Tuesday, February 1, 2011

An experiment in prongs!

My knuckles smell like coffee because I just threw out the filter from today's batch.

I was working like CRAZY today and feel super unsettled and don't know why! I made all sorts of lists to remember what I need to do, and I still feel antsy. Oh well!

Some things I did today:

Since the first Swinging Man sold, I knew I had to make a new one! Meet Mr. Fantastic. He has a little heart on his chest!

I finished these two matching rings for a mother/daughter order. People always ask if it's hard to part witwith the jewelry I make... it was hard to part with these! They came out SO amazing I just want to make them all day long.

These are my pronged experiments- the purple stone is a hunk of brazilian amethyst that looks like a jolly rancher to me, and the blueish one is a wacky drusy. Thoughts?? They aren't quite done yet...

ANDDDDD that's all I suppose!  No video today- too busy! hopefully an early morning one tomorrow though! are people still watching?


  1. Wow, beautiful work! That little swinging man is sensational!

  2. Hey Rachel, just survived cyclone Yasi in Cairns, Australia. Have been reading your blog for a few weeks and when the power went out here for 3 days I was hanging out for the lastest editions! Keep it up xo