Monday, February 7, 2011

House Tour!

I've always wanted to do a house tour like they do on Apartment Therapy and such, so when I was at my brother's new apartment in Boston yesterday, I snapped some pictures with my trusty phone to show off his keen design skills. Enjoy!

Here I'm channeling the Man Repeller in my new favorite and unbelievably unflattering high waisted jeans and new pink ruffle socks from American Apparel. 

 Love this overcrowded bulliten board.

A lovely cluster of fun things.

Can you believe that clock is from Bed Bath and Beyond?

Love this shot of the top of his coffee table.

So, I'm home in MA this week, but hopefully I'll be able to post a couple videos from good old western ma! I got in some a-ma-zing drusy stones today that i'll share with you's soon!!

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  1. I just found you after I signed up with Etsy Twitter! I am new to the tweets, but loved your work! I am BlueChairC, and have an etsy page as well as a blog! You are so talented!