Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Business Expense.

This weekend, I went to NYC for a two day jewelry class at the 92nd St Y. Mainly I wanted an excuse to go to New York, but I also learned how to set faceted stones flush in metal, which is exciting! I loved my teacher Sayumo Yokouchi, who's a jeweler in Brooklyn.

Some pictures:
Spotted in..somewhere downton.

There's no rest for the weary!

Oh you know, just stopping in to check out the bathroom at the Waldorf Astoria (that my mum.)

And then in Soho there was a line formed on the corner of Greene and Mercer, and I didn't know why! So we asked, and apparently people were waiting to just go into the new Kardashian store, DASH. So, obviously, we waited in line, and went in, and took a picture. Everything was very. expensive. Obviously.

For lunch we went to this amazing Italian restaurant called Torrisi on Mulberry St., which was AMAZINg. The best chicken parm I ever had.  

And then I had time to kill before on my class, and saw a bakery with fabulous bread in the window!

And then I saw someone leaving their amazing brownstown on the upper east side and got super jealous and felt like  a spy and took a picture.

And then there was this written on all of the windows of an apartment.

And then by the end of the weekend I was looking horrendous, but we ate at the restaurant where Drew Barymore and that guy eats at before she moves to California in Going the Distance, so that was exciting!
All in all, a fun, busy, productive weekend. And now I have a zillion orders I need to catch up on, but instead I'm eating sushi and watching last night's Bethanny Ever After. So there.

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