Friday, April 15, 2011

Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!


Last night I went to my very first fashion show, and boy was it a trip.

I went with my friend Lauren to Fashion:District, a fashion show/pop up shop thing showcasing 7 local DC fashion designers. Ginger Root, of the Lady Tie fame, was one of the designers, and they had a few of my pieces for sale at their table. I LOVED their line, and am excited to see in its entirety tomorrow when its for sale in their shop!

Anyway, everyone was dressed up and fancy and wacky and I felt I did NOT dress for the occasion. Never again will I downplay an outfit.

Today, for instance, I lived by my "dress everyday like Bill Cuningham might ride by on his bike with his camera and see me" motto, wearing my new yellow vintage housedress/mumu with belt and my floppy Carmen Sandiego belt, and then a roofers spackle tool feel off a roof and nearly killed me.

Some pictures:

In conclusion, is was really fun, crowded, and loud.


  1. ahhh i love this! that place was full of inspiration wow. the model with the yellow dress is hawt! & the dress in the photo above it, i looove. thanks for sharing

  2. that model in the yellow got SO MANY SCREAMS from the crowd, she must be a person.