Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One of my fears...

...is that I'll be in public listening to music with headphones, and I'll sneeze, and won't hear someone tell me "bless you" and not say thank you and look like a jerk.

In other new, I went shopping today! At long last. I went to Georgetown. And to be honest, not so sure I love shopping by myself. I was in the market for a new pair of comfy little shoes to walk around in, and when I went into Steve Madden, they gave me a scratch off ticket, and it was for 40% off! So obviously I had to get shoes there. But I hate not being able to ask for someone's opinions!! I've asked strangers before, but nobody is ever excited to help a crazy lady buy a pair of shoes.

Anyway,  I ended up getting these little puppies, which came to $36 or something.

Just a blur.

I also got this headband which I don't think I'll ever take off again. It's basically a wide silk scarf that gets skinny at the ends, and I wrapped it around my head and tied the ends at the top in a bow! It makes me feel like Lucy from I Love Lucy.  (I got it at H&M for a cool $5.00)


  1. umm that is the cutest fear ever. mine is tripping on the sidewalk and loosing my teeth. gross.


  2. It is important that I tell you that your hair looks GREAT.