Sunday, April 10, 2011

sunday sunday sunday

Ok. Today was filled with lots of teeny nervous break downs. Do you ever get completely stressed out about nothing in particular, but it just seems like everything is something that makes you nervous?

Jewelry, wedding, that's about it I guess.

Anyway, I think this will be the wedding pie topper. (that's right, I said pie. What are you gonna do about it?)

I want my bouquet to be made up of those flowers, like an Epcot center dome of a bouquet.

It's been a long day. Of watching "The Orphan" and "17 Again." And stamping straggler save the dates.

Boy oh boy.

And the Ben surprised me with the most delicious St. Germain cocktail with pear vodka and fresh muddled grapefruit that brought me back to reality. And silliness.

Mayhaps there will be a video manana. 

Speaking of manana, I feel like more and more people are using the word bueno in their everyday vernacular. Which I like, but find funny. Maybe that will be the next Etsy trend. Things with Bueno on it. 

Ok, time to drink water. bye!

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  1. wedding stress! I KNOW! How funny is it that billy buttons are our flowers too. I'm doing my bouquet of just them.
    Love the pie topper. think it's amazing that you guys are doing pies. we are doing little cupcakes.