Thursday, April 28, 2011

Look at banner, Buster

Alright gang, after hours of staring into a computer screen, I made this. And I'm pretty damned please about it. 

It's my new website banner. Do we love it or do we love it? I hope we love it.

Also- a word about the slogan. Hopefully you like it, but I KNOW you will love it when you hear the funny joke about it. Rachel Pfeffer is also the name of the producer of Crazy/Beautiful. And I'd say my jewelry is quirky/beautiful, so it all comes together rather nicely.

Anyhoo, I spent all day making my latest Blob Rings (you'll understand when you see them).


  1. so cool!! How'd you make it?!?!?!

  2. secrets!! just kidding. i taught myself how to make an animated gif- if you look it up online and have photoshop, and feel like sitting in front of your computer for hours furrowing your brow in concentration, its not too hard!!

  3. Love the new banner?? Did you consider using the swing instead of the bicycle?