Friday, April 29, 2011

Starbucks Sippin'

Here I am, with my newly darkened hair, looking all pensive like in Sarbucks.
Listen, it's hard to take an attractive picture of yourself in photobooth when you are self conscious of people thinking you are weird for smiling a million times into your computer screen.

Anyway, I WOULD be at the cool hip indie coffee shop down the block but it was too crowded and when I walked by to go to the post office i got sweaty and nervous thinking about trying to find a seat next to a stranger on a couch that sags into the middle.

So I'm in Starbucks, its cool and air conditioned and Frank Sinatra is playing and my iced coffee is delicious and it's almost like I'm outside because I'm facing a window, only dirt and leaves aren't blowing in my eyes and I'm not sneezing my head off.

Well, I'm still sneezing a little.

The point is, I'm here, and I'm ok with it. 

Alright?! Lay off!

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