Friday, April 29, 2011

Introducing: The Blob Ring Collection

That's right, Blob Rings. Because let's face it, they look like little blobs. Little, beautiful, sparkling blobs.

I can't stop making them.

Starbucks Sippin'

Here I am, with my newly darkened hair, looking all pensive like in Sarbucks.
Listen, it's hard to take an attractive picture of yourself in photobooth when you are self conscious of people thinking you are weird for smiling a million times into your computer screen.

Anyway, I WOULD be at the cool hip indie coffee shop down the block but it was too crowded and when I walked by to go to the post office i got sweaty and nervous thinking about trying to find a seat next to a stranger on a couch that sags into the middle.

So I'm in Starbucks, its cool and air conditioned and Frank Sinatra is playing and my iced coffee is delicious and it's almost like I'm outside because I'm facing a window, only dirt and leaves aren't blowing in my eyes and I'm not sneezing my head off.

Well, I'm still sneezing a little.

The point is, I'm here, and I'm ok with it. 

Alright?! Lay off!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Look at banner, Buster

Alright gang, after hours of staring into a computer screen, I made this. And I'm pretty damned please about it. 

It's my new website banner. Do we love it or do we love it? I hope we love it.

Also- a word about the slogan. Hopefully you like it, but I KNOW you will love it when you hear the funny joke about it. Rachel Pfeffer is also the name of the producer of Crazy/Beautiful. And I'd say my jewelry is quirky/beautiful, so it all comes together rather nicely.

Anyhoo, I spent all day making my latest Blob Rings (you'll understand when you see them).

New video! at long last.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I realized today that I am missing a logo.

Well, I realized this a long time ago. And many times since. But I started to make a pair of earrings today, and I ended up making one of the earrings into a ring (the earrings can wait), and then I realized that the design made a perfect logo! I think at least. Thoughts? 

That's it. Other than this discovery, today felt like a bit of a rut. Tomorrow I want to make teeny little fork and spoon earrings. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Paper Source Terrors

Today I went to the Paper Source. Whenever I go there, I always end up wandering around anxiously, not knowing what I need or want. Should I get a sheet of little stick on pearls to write my name on a display? Do I need an expensive paper punch to decorate earring cards? Usually leave, clear my head, and go back in with a better game plan. Today I ended up getting a pack of different colored blank business cards, a spool of paper ribbon, and a pack of stick on strips of felt bric-a-brac. And ta-dah!

I also made this little gold ring with a sapphire, which goes terrifically with the ruby one! I learned how to do this at the clas I took in the 92nd st Y! 

One of my fears... that I'll be in public listening to music with headphones, and I'll sneeze, and won't hear someone tell me "bless you" and not say thank you and look like a jerk.

In other new, I went shopping today! At long last. I went to Georgetown. And to be honest, not so sure I love shopping by myself. I was in the market for a new pair of comfy little shoes to walk around in, and when I went into Steve Madden, they gave me a scratch off ticket, and it was for 40% off! So obviously I had to get shoes there. But I hate not being able to ask for someone's opinions!! I've asked strangers before, but nobody is ever excited to help a crazy lady buy a pair of shoes.

Anyway,  I ended up getting these little puppies, which came to $36 or something.

Just a blur.

I also got this headband which I don't think I'll ever take off again. It's basically a wide silk scarf that gets skinny at the ends, and I wrapped it around my head and tied the ends at the top in a bow! It makes me feel like Lucy from I Love Lucy.  (I got it at H&M for a cool $5.00)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stackable Rings (and haikus)


I also decided to write haikus for the descriptions!

Bright Blue Green Turquoise 
Is It Gold Or Silver? 
I Will Have to Explain Now.

 Green Chrysoprase Stone
Sterling Silver Beaded Band
Oxidized to Black. 

A Blood Red Garnet
Sits On Top Bright Beaded Band
Your Finger Wants It.

Bright Periwinkle
Shocks Against Oxidized Black
Will Make Your Hand Sing.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

G o od Morning!

Last night, some weird car alarm (or some kind of alarm) went of ALL NIGHT LONG. And it was too hot to close the windows. AND there were by the far the loudest and most obnoxious sirens zooming straight by our heads.

At least it sounded like that.

Anyhoo, now I'm up and my tummy is growling. And we have no food OR coffee. And I can't even tell if I like coffee!!!!

Ok, that should be enough complaining for a little while.

Yesterday I made these little delights, both of which are sort of new territory for me.

First, the FRINGE:

Let me tell you, making a little bit of fringe is no walk in the park, especially when the chain links are teeny tiny and you have to get them onto a teeny tiny ring!!

And then I made this gold and ruby ring, using the skills I learned at the 92nd st Y class!  

I definitely need to take some better pictures of it today. These aren't too stellar.
Ok, back to sneezing forever. BYE!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Photo Tidbits

Some tidbits from the weekend:

Last night we went to this bar nearby called Merdian Pint in Columbia Heights, and they have three tables downstairs that have taps right on the table! And your pour it yourself, and it's like a gas station pump, because it measure your pints and says how much you owe as it goes up!  

I saw these duct tapes in Target. If only they were around when I was famous for my duct tape purses

You can't really see the rings in this picture, but the model is wearing my honeycomb and bike ring! In DC's Worn Magazine.

How pretty is this?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!


Last night I went to my very first fashion show, and boy was it a trip.

I went with my friend Lauren to Fashion:District, a fashion show/pop up shop thing showcasing 7 local DC fashion designers. Ginger Root, of the Lady Tie fame, was one of the designers, and they had a few of my pieces for sale at their table. I LOVED their line, and am excited to see in its entirety tomorrow when its for sale in their shop!

Anyway, everyone was dressed up and fancy and wacky and I felt I did NOT dress for the occasion. Never again will I downplay an outfit.

Today, for instance, I lived by my "dress everyday like Bill Cuningham might ride by on his bike with his camera and see me" motto, wearing my new yellow vintage housedress/mumu with belt and my floppy Carmen Sandiego belt, and then a roofers spackle tool feel off a roof and nearly killed me.

Some pictures:

In conclusion, is was really fun, crowded, and loud.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On Productivity..

I was taking pictures of my tiny bike earrings....

and then this happened:


I guess making animated gifs is going to have to be my new thing.
Oh, distractions. Ok, back

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ginger Root

Let me tell you a story about two lovely red headed gals from the Midwest who opened a delightful store on U Street in DC called Ginger Root! Oh, and they sew! Oh, and they make old clothes into really awesome new clothes! Oh, and they'll be carrying a small line of  mine including men's accessories and chunky drusy rings!

These are the owners (pic from Washingtonian):

Someday I'll own one of their famous Lady Ties:

Anyhoo, this is one of the men's tie bars that I'm going to have in the store:

I am rather proud of it, if I do say so myself!
And, to top it off, i made this little darling today: